Posted on Feb 13, 2020

Discount Dental

Invisalign story follow up

A few weeks ago we featured a brand new Invisalign patient case. We took a moment to chat with him and find out how it’s going.

Patient : Male, 28yrs old, crowding and misalignment

Discount Dental: “How has your experience been so far?”
Patient: “Absolutely!!! In fact I noticed a difference after the first week. Prior to Invisalign it was really hard for me to floss on the outsides of my front teeth because they were crowded. After the first full week I noticed that it was much easier to get floss in there. So even though I could not really see a difference, I felt a difference. Now i’m only about 2 months in and the difference is huge! Flossing in between all my teeth is much easier and the pictures speak for themselves. Overall I’ve been very impressed. I do a lot of public speaking and was concerned about dry mouth, lisp, and aesthetics but I haven’t experienced any real issues in those areas. I will admit that my mouth gets drier quicker, but not to an unreasonable degree. One person of the hundreds I’ve spoken to in the last few weeks noticed a very faint lisp. And very few have noticed that I’m even wearing Invisalign. We’ll see what the end result looks like but so far I’ve been very happy. We’re half way there. Thank you Discount Dental”

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