Posted on Dec 17, 2019

Discount Dental

A Discount Dental Invisalign story: For the next several weeks we’ll join one of our patients on their smile transformation!

Patient : Male, 28yrs old, crowding and misalignment - see pictures.

Discount Dental: “What did you think of the prep visit?”
Patient: “The prep visit went a lot faster than I expected and the whole process seems really simple. I think I was in and out in about 45min. The system is basically just pushing the teeth into place.”

Discount Dental: “Any issues so far?”
Patient: “There was a small issue where I lost one of my attachments within the first 3 days but Dr. Domagalski and the team were able to resolve that issue promptly. Otherwise no issues.”

Discount Dental: “How has your first week been so far?”
Patient: “So far I love it! My wife could not even tell I was wearing anything the first day. Plus, it’s kept me from biting my nails haha! I’ve always heard that orthodontic work was painful but I have not experienced any pain while wearing the mouthpieces. Where I do feel some discomfort is when I try to eat. But even then it was only the first 2 days. So far so good and looking forward to the next few weeks! Thanks Dr. D! and Discount Dental”
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